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Sustainability Management Standards

The OZ Minerals Sustainability Management Standards are a comprehensive set of standards for the management of the safety, health, environmental and social aspects of our business. These standards apply to all phases of mine life and are subject to periodic review to ensure we continue to meet the needs of OZ Minerals, are aligned to relevant legislation and reflect best practice standards.

Our major contractors have requirements in their contracts consistent with OZ Minerals’ Code of Conduct and Sustainability Management Standards. For more information regarding our contractor management, see our annual Sustainability Report.

OZ Minerals' Sustainability Standards are divided into four sections:

Integrated Management System Standards – overall management framework

IMS-01 – Program Commitment and Leadership 
IMS-02 – Planning and Decision Making 
IMS-03 – Risk and Opportunity Management 
IMS-04 – Document Control and Record Management 
IMS-05 – Legal and Other Requirements 
IMS-06 – Organisation and Responsibility
IMS-07 – Training Competency and Awareness
IMS-08 – Internal Communications and Reporting 
IMS-09 – External Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting 
IMS-10 – Incident Reporting and Investigation 
IMS-11 – Crisis, Emergency and Business Continuity Management
IMS-12 – Standard Operating Procedures 
IMS-13 – Inspections 
IMS-14 – Monitoring and Measurement 
IMS-15 – Audits and Assessments
IMS-16 – Corrective and Preventative Actions
IMS-17 – Change Management
IMS-18 – Contractor Selection and Management 
IMS-19 – Behaviour and Observation 
IMS-20 – Management Review

Safety and Health Standards – standards for management of safety, health and security risks

OHS-01 – Occupational Health and Hygiene 
OHS-02 – Surface Ground Control 
OHS-03 – Underground Ground Control 
OHS-04 – Surface Fire Prevention 
OHS-05 – Underground Fire Prevention 
OHS-06 – Remote Control Equipment 
OHS-07 – Energy Isolation
OHS-08 – Vehicle, Mobile Equipment and Traffic Management
OHS-09 – Electrical Safety 
OHS-10 – Work Permit Systems
OHS-11 – Machine Guarding and Conveyors 
OHS-12 – Explosives 
OHS-13 – Working at Heights 
OHS-14 – Pressurized Systems 
OHS-15 – Cranes and Lifting Equipment 
OHS-16 – Medical Programs
OHS-17 – Aviation Management
OHS-18 – Security Services Management

Environment Standards – standards for the management of environmental risks

ENV-01 – Air Quality Management 
ENV-02 – Biodiversity Management 
ENV-03 – Rehabilitation and Closure Planning 
ENV-04 – Tailings Management 
ENV-05 – Waste Management 
ENV-06 – Hazardous Materials Management
ENV-07 – Water Management
ENV-08 – Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management 
ENV-09 – Waste Rock Management

Social Standards – standards for management of social risks

SOC-01 – Social Impact Assessments 
SOC-02 – Land Access Acquisition and Resettlement
SOC-03 – Human Rights 
SOC-04 – Cultural Heritage 
SOC-05 – Community Investment 
SOC-06 – Local Employment and Procurement