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Nicholas Uhlmann

01 July 2015


Introducing Sculptor and keen surfer - Nicholas Uhlmann Nicholas describes himself as determined. Someone who channels a vivid imagination into sculptural form. It is this determination and many years of hard work that has seen him create and refine his sculptural technique and design that has finally seen his talents recognised.

In addition to winning the OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award last year, Nicholas’ has also been the recipient of several awards that has seen his unique, large scale sculptures installed in different locations around Adelaide.

This includes sculptures outside the UNO Apartments in Waymouth St, Adelaide and along the Glen Osmond Creek Linear Trail in Unley Council. Earlier this year Nicholas won an important commission to install four large sculptures in the central courtyard of the New Royal Adelaide Hospital, a major development of international significance, due to be completed in 2016.

‘Nicholas was also attracted to the three dimensional physical reality of sculpture’

Nicholas originally went to art school to pursue photography but soon changed his focus to sculptural art to harness all his creative physical energy, that he believed could only be tempered by working with hardy materials such as metal and timber. Nicholas was also attracted to the three dimensional physical reality of sculpture.

Nicholas believes that talent is not enough. It has been a path that he has forged through many years of focus and determination. He keeps the “creative wheel” turning, making sculptures in his studio during the day and developing ideas through drawing at night. It is this momentum that feeds inspiration and energy and continually develops his talent.

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